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Cinema Blend

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[A]s a vehicle for the message Jon Stewart wants to get across with the movie, it equates to sticking a high performance engine built for a Maserati underneath the hood of a faux-wood-paneled minivan.

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Rolling Stone

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Steve Carell and Rose Byrne are partisan spin doctors who try to shape a small-town election --a nd deliver a scathing state-of-the-nation comedy.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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 Irresistible drives home the lesson that many politicians have learned the hard way -- never underestimate the heartland.

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More devastating than the film's tactically half-assed storytelling is its numbed and heavy-lidded world view.

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In his second film as a director, Jon Stewart has made a small-town satirical comedy that takes on the big-money corruptions of American politics. The movie hits its target, but in a safe way.

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The Wrap

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Steve Carell and Rose Byrne star as dueling political operatives in a film that mixes its occasional laughs with plenty of position statements and diatribes.

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Très bon
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But the comedy is what we got, and coming from the mind of Stewart, it's hardly anything to be mad about.

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