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Rolling Stone

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Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy brings the raunch — but the sharp satire is M.I.A.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Baron Cohen and Strong are both robustly physical performers, and their finest moments are when they’re grappling with each other, producing a great tangle of limbs and teeth. But the script, credited to Baron Cohen, Phil Johnston and Peter Baynham (...), is not especially generous to the other members of the cast.

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Cinema Blend

Très bon
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The Brothers Grimsby forgoes coherent action and a gripping story for stupid, grotesque humor, but still provokes a higher ratio of riotous belly laughs than most other Hollywood comedies combined.

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The Wrap

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The fact that this is a bad movie — starring Baron Cohen and Mark Strong as long-separated siblings — is balanced by the fact that it’s funny from start to finish.

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