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The Hollywood Reporter

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The movie namechecks everything from The Babadook to Halloween, Friday the 13th to Psycho, complete with a shower scene. Sure, there's some fun in all that meta-playfulness. But there's also a facetiousness that wears thin and intrudes on the killing spree, making me often wish I was watching any one of the superior movies being referenced.

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It updates the franchise to the age of Internet fandom, but the basic meta formula hasn't changed.

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Cinema Blend

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The Scream franchise is back with a vengeance.

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For those wondering if Scream would be relevant in 2022 since the meta craze isn't as innovative as it once was, the film proves why this franchise has always been a cut above the rest as it comments on old and new tropes of the genre with blistering bite.

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Entertainment Weekly

Très bon
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Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox return for a belated victory lap that's thrilled with its own meta-ness while only sometimes being scary.

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