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Très bon
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Super-Pets has charm and a message of friendship worth sharing. Spending time with these cuddly animals with super strength makes for a fun movie night with the whole family.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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And adult chaperones will enjoy the many references to the DC Universe, with baby boomers' hearts likely to soar upon hearing the callbacks to the classic John Williams score for the 1978 Superman movie that arguably started the cinematic superhero craze in the first place.

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Dwayne Johnson, as Superman's dog, leads a team of critters doing CGI magic tricks -- no, not the Justice League, though they're in it too -- in an animated romp that has a cheeky light brashness.

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La Presse

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Il y a beaucoup d'humour et de coeur dans ce film d'animation par ordinateur de Warner Bros. Pictures, réalisé et coscénarisé par Jared Stern.

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Cinema Blend

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A solid voice cast makes DC's Justice League of cuddly animals a fun time.

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