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Dans ce mélodrame flamboyant - dont la première partie est placée sous le signe d'Edith Wharton -, Guillermo Del Toro rend un hommage affectueux à l'esthétique gothique.

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Even the pristine white snow bleeds bright scarlet in Crimson Peak, the malformed love child between a richly atmospheric gothic romance and an overripe Italian giallo - delivered into this world by the mad doctor himself, horror maestro Guillermo del Toro, operating at his most stylistically unhinged.

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A Gothic romance, this has more in common with the novels of Daphne du Maurier or classic forties chillers such as Gaslight, Dragonwyck,or the oeuvre of Val Lewton than it does with any horror film that we've seen lately. Truly, del Toro has made a sweeping period piece.

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Rolling Stone

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And his visionary style is again readily apparent in Crimson Peak, a ghost story in which superior camerawork, costumes and production design work together to put the audience in a trance. 

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Cinema Blend

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Crimson Peak isn't the typical haunted-house film the commercials are advertising. In fact, this film owes more of a debt to Jane Eyre than The Conjuring, though there are plenty of tense, scary moments that occur during the film's story.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Dramatically and even morally, however, Crimson Peak feels like a 1946 film made seven decades later; the conventions are all carried over intact from an earlier time, so that only the technical aspects and gore level identify it as a product of its own era.

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The Wrap

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A deliciously overripe celebration of gothic romance, with a game cast led by Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain.

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Entertainment Weekly

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Del Toro and cinematographer Dan Laustsen (who worked together on 1997's Mimic) are clearly having a blast painting every corner of their creepy crimson canvas. But as sumptuous as Crimson Peak looks and as sinister as Hiddleston and Chastain are, you never get transported to the bone-chilling places that a great ghost story should take you. 

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Crimson Peak is reminiscent of Hitchcock's Notorious in more ways than one (although "Rebecca" is also a clear influence).

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La Presse

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Les admirateurs de del Toro seront sans doute ravis de voir leur idole en plein exercice de style, mais les spectateurs venus pour leur dose d'émotion forte et de sain divertissement seront peut-être déroutés, et parfois même choqués par la violence inattendue de certaines scènes, par cette expérience purement esthétique.

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La Presse

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Une valse mortelle à laquelle Guillermo del Toro a donné le tempo, le rythme et les codes qu'il a eu envie de suivre - et que ses acteurs et son équipe ont endossés avec un plaisir que l'on sent jouissif. Pour l'amateur de pure horreur et de frissons bon marché, la ronde risque toutefois sembler trop lente dans son amorce.

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Crimson Peak is a fascinating conundrum of a movie. I was close to hating it as I walked out of the theater, but images and moments from it have stayed with me.

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