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Un fort beau travail visuel a été accompli afin d'évoquer les illustrations originales de Frank Frazetta. Marcus Nispel, qui revisite ici certains éléments de son précédent Pathfinder, y va d'une réalisation robuste, certes tape-à-l'oeil, mais néanmoins efficace.

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Cinema Blend

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Even disjointed and somewhat disheveled, Conan the Barbarian is gritty enough and brutal enough that it's absolutely worth a look. Marcus Nispel knows how to shoot this kind of vicious battle story, and if only someone would've found a way to close up the cracks in its narrative, then maybe they'd have had something special.

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The New York Times

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A heavy-metal fantasia scrawled in red, Conan the Barbarian now comes with 75 percent more gore. That's only an estimate, though to judge by the gruesome opener that features the title character as a boy gouging enemy flesh and lopping off heads, it's a fair guess.

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The Gazette

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At its best moments, Conan is goofy fun with extra testosterone. At its worst, it's repetitive, dull and transparent.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The new Conan the Barbarian may be the first film - and the first of many, one fears - to be aimed entirely at video gamers.

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La Presse

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Nispel a fabriqué un divertissement à l'image de son héros : peu sympathique, agressif, enragé et macho comme ça ne se fait plus (on a même droit à une scène de fesses !).

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USA Today

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But with a script so pat and humor-free, Momoa has little to do but sneer and slice. The film informs us that Conan has the heart of a lion and "the loyalty of a bloodhound," but we get nary a sniff of that in this carnage fest. He's built like a tank, but Conan emotes like one, too.

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