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Personnages vides, humour de mauvais goût, enjeux résolus à la hâte, réalisation inexpressive, décors surfaits, le bilan est lourd.

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I guess the best thing I can say about What to Expect When You're Expecting is that compared to New Year's Eve; it's not that bad - which is faint praise. Like Think Like a Man, also inspired by a popular self-help book, Expecting will probably work for it's built in audience, but there's nothing here to distinguish it in any way.

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Cinema Blend

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With no fewer than 12 significant characters, Expecting easily could have been shaped and shifted into a season-long sitcom instead of the star-studded, Valentine's Day-inspired comedy Lionsgate shepherds into theaters.

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Rolling Stone

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I appreciated Kendrick and Chase for staying low-key. The rest of the cast takes the opposite tack. Morning sickness afflicts most of the potential mommies. For me, the movie itself triggered the vomiting.

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Agence QMI

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Des spécialistes de Hollywood ont néanmoins pondu une histoire et opposé le message que la grossesse est difficile à des personnages qui croient fermement le contraire, avec des résultats peu ou pas drôles.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Expect the predictable.

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La Presse

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Autant de lignes « dramatiques » qui vont finir par se croiser - de manière tellement inintéressante et factice qu'elle ne dramatise ni ne dynamise l'ensemble, mais souligne le caractère anecdotique d'un scénario non inspiré, jamais vraiment drôle…

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USA Today

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What audiences should expect is a tone-deaf, superficial, charmless ensemble rom-com, focused on five attractive, but uninteresting, couples.

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