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One thing worth mentioning - if you haven't seen Coming to America in a while, a revisit is definitely in order before checking out the sequel.

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In the three decades since Prince Akeem first came to America, the Eddie Murphy comedy has come to signify so much more to fans than this follow-up seems to recognize.

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Cinema Blend

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[T]his tepid attempt to rekindle our interest in the series limps along on a rotating cycle of "Remember this?" gags and too-serious subplots.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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(...) Coming 2 America looks like it was more fun to make than to watch.

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The Wrap

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Nearly every joke from the first film gets retold or rerun in this super-safe, long-delayed follow-up.

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There's a lot of surface-level "girl power" in "Coming 2 America," but it's so superficial that it's a bit of an insult to Akeem's daughters. 

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Rolling Stone

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Not quite a sequel, nor a remake, the movie reunites Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall with the rest of the gang -- as well as fantastic new faces -- for a welcome Eighties update.

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