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Ponctué de bonnes répliques, le scénario n'en est pas moins prévisible et la réalisation de McG accuse d'étonnantes faiblesses.

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The Gazette

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The stars are an appealing lot and they all do pretty good work. The only problem comes in scenes in which more than one of them appear at the same time, which is pretty much the whole movie.

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The New York Times

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They're awfully pretty these two, light on their feet and easy with the banter, but because they're played by Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, and the age of mainstream-studio gay love has yet to dawn, Reese Witherspoon keeps getting in the way.

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Suffice to say, I really ended up disliking This Means War, with it really being one of the worst recent examples of big-budget, filmmaking-by-committee. There's nothing here you haven't seen done (better) before. While all three lead actors are usually worth watching, even they can't save this idiotic comedy-actioner.

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Cinema Blend

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More silly than chauvinistic, This Means War can't decide if it's an action-thriller with a little romance mixed in, or a formulaic rom-com with one or two memorable action set pieces. Thanks to its constant wavering and lack of clear-cut direction, it whiffs completely on both potential premises.

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Rolling Stone

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A trio of appealing actors is trapped in an action-spiked romcom (the guys are CIA agents vying for the same cute product analyzer) death-sentenced by a lack of humor, heart and a coherent reason for being.

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Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine et Tom Hardy sont les vedettes de C'est la guerre, amusante comédie romantique d'action, idéale comme sortie de la Saint-Valentin.

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Même si le tout s'oublie assez rapidement, il s'agit d'une honnête sortie pour ceux et celles qui ont encore en mode Saint-Valentin.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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A month and a half into the new year and already a candidate for the worst of 2012.

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USA Today

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Silly action sequences grow tedious and rarely blend with the wannabe madcap comedy.

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