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Qu'elles soient subtiles ou carrément grotesques, les blagues demeurent en phase avec cet univers aquatique débridé.

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This fine flick manages to have enough inside jokes and references to keep the parents laughing.

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Très bon
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C'est une aventure sous-marine typique, qui n'aurait pu être imaginée que par les gens les plus normaux, enfermés dans leur salle d'écriture.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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As longtime fans know, SpongeBob's previous attempts to come up for air haven't gone too well (...).

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Cinema Blend

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The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water is a hard movie to watch, even if you're a Spongebob viewer. It's not new or exciting, and it's a movie that commits sins and calls itself out on them in hopes that they'll redeem themselves.

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The Wrap

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You certainly don't have to be a fan of the show to find yourself enchanted by the goofball humor.

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On a technical level, SpongeBob has certainly never pretended to be a Studio Ghibli feature, but the film's palette is as bright and colorful as ever.

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I couldn't really think straight over the noise of my kid screaming joyfully every time he saw a SpongeBob Movie billboard or poster on the drive home.

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