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Très bon
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C'est dire que le récit, sur la solidarité et la générosité, est à la fois simple, dépourvu de mièvrerie et truffé de trouvailles hilarantes ou poétiques.

Louis-Paul Rioux Lire la critique complète

National Post

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“What do you think, Pooh?” said Christopher Robin, looking around for his friend. But Pooh Bear was nowhere to be seen. He had decided to go and see Winnie the Pooh for himself. Dear Reader, I suggest you join him.

Chris Knight Lire la critique complète

La Presse

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Une oeuvre délicate, douce, rieuse, sereine et « confortable » (comme un doudou ou une peluche) pour eux; nostalgique et poétique pour vous.

Sonia Sarfati Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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Winnie The Pooh has some pacing problems and the structure is a bit too episodic, but overall Don Hall and Stephen J. Anderson have accomplished a rare feat: they've taken classic, beloved characters and in refusing to modernize or change what's great about them, crafted a film that every member of the audience will love. And be sure to stay through the end of the credits for a cherry on top.

Eric Eisenberg Lire la critique complète

USA Today

Très bon
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Make no mistake: The movie is for younger children. Any kid over 8 is likely going to have hat and wand by the car keys for the Potter matinee. But for parents not in the mood for lines and computer-generated spectacle, this wonderfully playful film may have enough magic of its own.

Scott Bowles Lire la critique complète

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Disney retombe en enfance en faisant revivre Winnie l'ourson et ses amis dans une délicieuse animation qui s'adresse aux très jeunes âmes. Un plaisir simple et efficace, si éloigné du divertissement sophistiqué, clinquant et un peu vide de Cars 2.

Martin Gignac Lire la critique complète

The New York Times

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It is not very long, not very loud and not in 3-D. It has no attention-grabbing celebrity voice work, and the only pop-cultural allusions it makes are to other stories and films about Pooh and his friends. Which is not to say that the movie is obnoxiously self-referential, but rather that it is comfortable with itself and confident in its ability to amuse and beguile young viewers.

A. O. Scott Lire la critique complète