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Malgré quelques rebondissements faciles, le réalisateur (qui signe ici son premier long métrage) maintient le suspense jusqu'à son dénouement inattendu, et pourtant plausible, tout en ponctuant son récit de bienheureuses touches d'humour. Limitée dans son amplitude, l'interprétation adopte néanmoins le ton voulu.

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Without a doubt, Searching is the most effective use yet of the screen life technique, although I'd like to see it may be used outside of the thriller genre. Hopefully, people give this one a shot once Screen Gems puts it out in theaters, as it's quite captivating, as well as serving as a good example of how dynamic a leading man John Cho can be when given the chance.

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Rolling Stone

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Director Aneesh Chaganty's feature debut takes a deep dive into the dark web - and keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats.

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Cinema Blend

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While not all of it works, and the stylistic concept isn't quite as novel as it was a few years ago, it's still a flashy step and bit of cool experimental filmmaking worthy of notice.

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Entertainment Weekly

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And if Chaganty can't help overgilding his final twist, Searching's smart, nimble execution still thrills. 

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The Wrap

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Director/co-writer Annesh Chaganty's debut feature cannily explores online identity in an IRL thriller.

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Très bon
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But as the film pulses toward its conclusion, it introduces images and information that deviate from the premise that we're seeing everything from David's perspective. A narrative omniscience occurs that fills in some holes, but it also results in a loss of tautness and focus. 

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