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Le dilemme moral troublant et le paradoxe existentiel fascinant, au menu de cette romance intergalactique, ne rendent pas plus digestes les escales attendues et le traitement sucré et racoleur privilégié par ses auteurs.

Louis-Paul Rioux Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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There are so many things that go right with the film, but its legitimate failure to stick the landing both leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and actually compromises its internal ethics in a sour way.

Eric Eisenberg Lire la critique complète


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Passengers is an unusual work of science fiction.

Jimmy O Lire la critique complète

Rolling Stone

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The Guardians of the Galaxy and Hunger Games stars team up for this deep-space love story that turns into a creepy misfire.

Peter Travers Lire la critique complète

The Los Angeles Times

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The meet-cute between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers isn’t so cute (...).

Sheri Linden Lire la critique complète


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What pisses people off, I think, is the mixture of florid romanticism and voyeuristic creepiness — which is exactly what’s enjoyable about Passengers when the balance is right. 

David Edelstein Lire la critique complète


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Even if you believe in forgiveness, the way this movie stacks the deck to get to that place is, well, unforgivable.

Glenn Kenny Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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A morally dubious set-up to this glittering starship romance makes for queasy viewing and empty action thrills.

Robert Abele Lire la critique complète


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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are passengers who wake up in the middle of a starship voyage in a romantic sci-fi thriller that begins promisingly but gets lost in space.

Owen Gleiberman Lire la critique complète