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I hereby declare that when it comes to The Bye Bye Man, I won't be thinking or talking about it ever again.

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Cinema Blend

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No matter how many films continue to screen in movie theaters this year, The Bye Bye Man will be remembered amongst the worst films of 2017.

Sean O'Connell Lire la critique complète

The Hollywood Reporter

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The Bye Bye Man wouldn’t be a franchise aspirant without hinting at the possibility of a sequel, or perhaps more than one, depending on interpretations concerning the film’s intentionally ambiguous conclusion.

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To think that everyone here intended to make a movie this utterly lifeless and banal from the outset is infinitely more frightening than anything presented on screen.

Peter Sobczynski Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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Clichés, cheap shocks, and talkiness mar this Freddy Krueger-ish yarn about a summoned spirit who foments delusions.

Robert Abele Lire la critique complète

Rolling Stone

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Three kids summon a mysterious killer in what's already a strong contender for the worst horror movie of the year.

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The Conjuring meets a 'Final Destination' sequel in this okay chiller about a spirit who's harmless until you say his name.

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