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La réalisation mécanique se complaît dans des effets sanglants grotesques visant à déchiqueter des personnages sans consistance, interprétés par des acteurs limités.

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Cinema Blend

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Texas Chainsaw 3D isn't nearly as good as it could have been. Like all of the sequels it mostly chooses to ignore, it will likely be forgotten and passed over when a new generation of filmmakers takes a crack at Leatherface.

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The 3D works well enough and it offers a couple of intense moments. As far as gore goes the film offers a few groovy kills, with one poor fellow getting sawed in half. However, this flick is strictly for fans of the original series and may even disappoint those who prefer the 2003 stylistic remake and the subsequent prequel.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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In-your-face 3D and a halfhearted attempt at psychological complexity add little to this umpteenth Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

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Even as it sinks into far-flung insanity, Texas Chainsaw earns points for auspiciousness.

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