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 Résultat: un film indigeste et manipulateur, que la réalisation tout juste fonctionnelle de Simon Curtis ne parvient pas à sauver.

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La Presse

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Un peu de guimauve de temps à autre n'a jamais fait de mal à personne, on s'entend, mais servie en plat principal dans une chaudière de sirop, ça devient carrément indigeste.

Marc-André Lussier Lire la critique complète


Très bon
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The Art Of Racing In The Rain is fairly soulful as far as these things go, with Curtis having made a handsome, quick-moving film.

Chris Bumbray Lire la critique complète

Rolling Stone

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The latest entry to the canon of talking-animal movies is a tearjerker whose furry, four-legged hero imparts essential life lessons.

Peter Travers Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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Cynics may go into this film dreading another version of the same old tear factory, but The Art of Racing in the Rain does just enough to turn you into a smiling, tearful mess at the end of the film.

Mike Reyes Lire la critique complète

Entertainment Weekly

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It's all kibble in the end, but you knew that coming in.

Leah Greenblatt Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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But as a movie, even with a growl-weighted Costner's admirably even-keel delivery, Mark Bomback's adaptation, as rendered by Curtiswith the help of unobtrusive cinematography from Ross Emery, is little more than an audiobook with information-appropriate window dressing.

Robert Abele Lire la critique complète


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If loving and being loved (plus being fed) is their purpose, then perhaps that is true.  

Nell Minow Lire la critique complète

The Hollywood Reporter

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Two-thirds tiresome dog story, one-third efficient tearjerker.

Caryn James Lire la critique complète


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If Marley & Me was too depressing for you, be warned that My Week With Marilyn director Simon Curtis' heavy-pawed melodrama is engineered to make you weep.

Paul Debruge Lire la critique complète