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Cinema Blend

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If you love Jackass, you'll love Jackass Forever.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Not that he ever seems mature, as demonstrated by his boisterous delight in such idiocies as Steve-O attempting to light his farts underwater. It's harder than you might imagine, apparently. "There's not enough methane in his farts," someone observes.

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Johnny Knoxville and company are now middle aged, but that hasn't slowed their juvenile masochistic fervor.

Owen Gleiberman Lire la critique complète


Très bon
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In the end, Jackass Forever is exactly what we expect and exactly what we need right now.

Gaius Bolling Lire la critique complète

Entertainment Weekly

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Fasten your safety cups, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Joshua Rothkopf Lire la critique complète