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Or, s'il demeure respectueux des canons de la série, le scénario, par manque de réelle imagination, peine à captiver.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Series fans will enjoy the reappearances of many characters from the other films, including Lin Shaye's psychic (she died in a previous installment, but death is no impediment to cameos in films like this), although it's unfortunate that the always-welcome Byrne is relegated to a minor role.

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 These are the elements that Insidious elevated (and that Ari Aster sprung Hereditary from), but depending on their design and execution they can be spooky -- or banal -- as hell. For a first-time director, Patrick Wilson doesn't do a bad job, but he's working with tropes that have already been worked to death. It's time to close this carnival of souls down.

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