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De fait, les personnages de papier mâché et les retournements aléatoires de ce premier blockbuster au féminin actionnent les leviers d'une intrigue simplissime, embrumée artificiellement avec des complications futiles. Avec pour résultat une comédie ratée mais pas trop, folle mais pas tant que ça, à la hauteur (ou pas) des attentes.

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Un reboot efficace, qui, bien que n'étant certainement pas la comédie de l'année, reste tout à fait dans l'esprit de la franchise.

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Agence QMI

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Malgré toute sa bonne volonté, le quatuor de SOS Fantômes, formé de Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon et Leslie Jones, ne convainc pas.

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La Presse

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Morale de l'histoire: l'été s'égrène à toute vitesse et s'il fallait adouber un film estival jusqu'ici, on serait enclin à vous suggérer celui-ci.

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It doesn't work for me but I don't think it's worthy of hatred or scorn. It ambles along and puts on a semi-watchable show, but there's nothing memorable about it aside from the fact it's called Ghostbusters.

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Rolling Stone

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Angry nerds, take note: The ladies are the best thing about this franchise reboot.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Those and other nostalgic nods to the progenitor only serve as a reminder of the charm that's lacking here, sacrificed to bland, effects-laden bloat and uninspired writing, making this a missed opportunity.

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Cinema Blend

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It can only be called the third best Ghostbusters movie. That's its cross to bear. But it also builds with solid pacing, features crafty and entertaining filmmaking style, and has a number of consistently funny performances.

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What's that spooky sound you hear throughout the much-anticipated, female-led remake of Ghostbusters - a sound that freezes the blood of comedians, that haunts the dreams of clowns? It's the sound of silence, of dead air, of jokes dematerializing into the void. The new Ghostbusters isn't a horror, exactly. It's just misbegotten. It never lives.

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And cheers as well for good-sport Chris Hemsworth, who helps the lasses engage in a bit of deserved reverse sexism as Kevin, a bespectacled blond himbo hired as an office receptionist who can barely answer a phone but can inspire this reaction: «Who ordered the Clark Kent stripper-gram?»

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Entertainment Weekly

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But with a cast as daring and quick as this one, Ghostbusters is too mild and plays it too safe. Somewhere, I bet, there's an R-rated director's cut of the movie where these women really let it rip. I want to see that movie. 

Chris Nashawaty Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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It's understandable that this franchise relaunch would want to remind you of the original, but there's no getting around that this new A-team of ghostbusters are fresh and funny enough to have earned space in the summer comedy firmament. And should it come to further installments, improving on Ghostbusters II wouldn't be that hard.

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Paul Feig's female-driven relaunch of Sony's paranormal comedy franchise spends far too much energy channeling the original to establish its own identity.

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Against all odds, Ghostbusters actually winds up being one of the better all-around big summer blockbusters, and a refreshing, fun movie that even the most hardcore haters may warm to if they give it half a chance.

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