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Le jeu intense de Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, la musique glaçante de Robert A. A. Lowe et quelques scènes-chocs devraient néanmoins combler d'aise les amateurs du genre.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Whether you call it a spiritual sequel, a reboot or a reinvention, Candyman delivers a fresh take by flipping the perspective of the original, almost showing a mirror image as it continues the tradition of campfire ghost stories that acquire new dimensions and details as they are retold across generations.

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Toss in some profoundly gross body horror plus a satisfying ending that nicely closes out its thesis statement, and we have the makings of a fun, thought-provoking time at the movies.

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Entertainment Weekly

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Which is more than enough time to fill a bucket with bees and gore, but too brief to play out the intriguing tease of what the movie's deeper, truer terrors might have been.

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Cinema Blend

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Nia DaCosta affirms her style and proves herself a distinct director who wants to reach out and feel the story being told through every element of her filmmaking.

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Rolling Stone

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Director Nia DaCosta's version -- starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris -- is too aware of the legacy (and ironies) of its predecessor's premise

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