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Orchestré sans temps morts par Jill Culton et Todd Wilderman, l'ensemble s'adresse à un très jeune public.

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La Presse

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Ce très beau film d'animation pour toute la famille, coproduit par DreamWorks (Shrek, Madagascar, la trilogie How to Train Your Dragon) et Pearl Studio, explore en filigrane la force des liens qui unissent les protagonistes. Cela mène à des scènes particulièrement émouvantes.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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If the result often feels like a compromise, it's a well-rendered compromise that impresses (...).

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Cinema Blend

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Kids may sit with rapt attention watching the adventure unfold before their eyes in beautifully colored detail, but adults will see the deep flaws that separate this story from greatness.

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Rolling Stone

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A tale of a young woman and her new best friend -- a Not-So-Abominable Snowman trying to get home -- feels a little like the same old animated song-and-dance.

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DreamWorks attempts to recapture the magic of the 'How to Train Your Dragon' franchise with a new mythical beast -- this one covered in fur.

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The Wrap

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A young Chinese girl helps a yeti get back home in a lushly-colored cartoon that might keep even seen-it-all parents engaged.

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Ultimately, "Abominable" wants to be a cinematic representation of its central character--lovable, sweet, and occasionally magical.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Director/writer Jill Culton and the team made a very cute, and sometimes very sweet little movie (...).

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